• Prospecting Leads Not just an everyday telemarketing firm, but a customer service liaison and virtual assistant.
  • Setting Appointments Let us do all of the cold calling for you so you can focus on closing the deal.
  • List Generation We can generate and help you capture list data for you.
  • Database Cleansing Old or innacurate date is no problem. We can clean up your data so that is is accurate and like new.

Found: Qualified sales leads. (Yes, this means you!)

Have you ever wished you had more time to focus on what you do best? Well surely this does not include trying to prospect new business on your own, or attempting to find the time for scheduling introductory meetings with new clients. Can you imagine having to train and manage someone else to do it for you simply because you are just too busy? You already have a full schedule keeping your existing clients happy.


You know where your value is. Let us make your job easier by performing the simple communications tasks that you cannot integrate into your overwhelming workload. By allowing our agents to perform the tedious and often disliked customer service, cold calling and contact management functions; your efficiency and contact base increases as well as your profits and customer satisfaction.


Make our contact solutions work for you.

Lower your cost

Available labor

Fully Managed

Fewer Headaches


Event Registrations


If you are not cultivating new business, you are not growing. Let us help you grow...

Our virtual assistants will allow you to get on with your busy day.


A vanilla out of the box solution does not apply to everyone. We will attempt to develop a project that more closely aligns with your individual needs so you receive leads the way you want them.